Honkai Impact Charms by Marty (@martypcsr)

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Honkai Impact Charms by Marty (@martypcsr)

Acrylic Charms w/ Keychain
Size: 2.5 inch
Material: Double-sided Clear Acrylic

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- Kiana Kaslana: Herrscher of Flamescion
- Kiana Kaslana: Herrscher of the Void
- Fu Hua: Herrscher of Sentience
- Bronya: Herrscher of Reason
- Seele: Stygian Nymph & Starchasm Nyx
- *NEW* Raiden Mei: Striker Fulminata
- *NEW* Theresa: Valkyrie Pledge
- *NEW* Elysia: Miss Pink Elf
- *NEW* Durandal & Rita
- *NEW* Fu Hua: Azure Empyrea

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Fighting Game - Guilty Gear/Under Night
Genshin Impact

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