Robin (@springexalt) Commissions

Commission Info

Commission information for @springexalt / @cybercrayons

Send a DM if you’re interested or have questions!

WILL DRAW: Fanart, OCs, character interactions

 WON’T DRAW: NSFW, gore, heavy armor, men*
(*I’m just not very confident, but you can always ask!)


Terms of Service

Please read before commissioning!


--- ✧ General Information 

- Please anticipate 2 - 8 weeks for the art to be completed.  If by any chance there are delays, I will do my best to contact you.
- Please inform me if you’d like a WIP sent, I will do my best to get one to you but sometimes I get ahead of myself drawing and don’t remember. (I usually draw in one sitting!)
  In the event that you need or want changes and I didn’t send a WIP, let me know! There’s no extra cost.


--- ✧ Payment Information

- Payment is done with PayPal invoices only

- Payment must be done upfront and in full, I will not start work on your commission until payment is made

- Commissions cannot be refunded or cancelled. However if something leaves me unable to complete your commission, a refund will be issued.


--- ✧ Use 

- Commissions are intended to be for NON-COMMERCIAL use only, unless discussed otherwise. (example; VTubers)

- Nothing made by me may be used in any NFT, cryptocurrency, or blockchain-related technology. 


If you have questions or want to discuss changes to any of the above statements, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


--- ✧ HALF BODY:   clean - $35 | sketch - $20
--- ✧ FULL BODY:   clean - $60 | sketch - $30

--- ✧ CHIBI:           clean - $45 | sketch - $25

Sketch shading costs and extra $5-10


Q: What’s the difference between a clean and sketch commission?


A: Sketch commissions are a lot less refined and take less time to do, while clean comms have cleaner colors, full shading, and colored lineart.
Sketch commissions don’t come with a transparent version, but this can be arranged if you mention it ahead of time.



Q: May I commission and use art of my VTuber? 


A: Yes! As long as you discuss with me what it’s for ahead of time, and we talk about the commercial use of the art I’d love to draw your VTuber for you! (if you plan to use the art for profit, there will be an additional fee.) 




Q: Are you willing to work with a written reference?

A: Unfortunately, I am not! I need some kind of visual reference to be able to work on a commission for you.